• 9:51pm I've not thought once/30th by Tyvek on Single (Self Released)
  • 9:59pm Selling sucking blackmail bribes by Civic on Single (Total Punk )
  • 10:03pm Wasting time by Pleather on Single (Feral Kid)
  • 10:05pm Das lied fur fritz/musik& geld by Honkas on Single (Static Shock)
  • 10:05pm Mysterious Lady by KRGA on Single (Hoser)
  • 10:10pm Second offense/thank you miss Margaret by Mick Trouble on Single (Emotional Response )
  • 10:17pm Mutual Hate /Otta Melbourne by Disco Junk on Single (Hozac)
  • 10:21pm The Fox by Crucifiction on Single (Splattered )
  • 10:24pm 34th Market/we're back by Tyvek on Single (Self Released)
  • 10:26pm Velvet Casino by Civic on Single (Total Punk)
  • 10:31pm Riot by Pleather on Single (Feral Kid)
  • 10:33pm Jesus lien dich/kunst/gewalt by Honkas on Single (Static Shock)
  • 10:34pm Don't ask don't tell by KRGA on Single (Hoser)
  • 10:41pm Shut your bleedmouth you git/boogiemon stories by Mick Trouble on Single (Emotional Response )
  • 10:41pm Underage Punk/defenestration by Disco Junk on Single (Hozac)
  • 10:50pm Death sentence by Crucifiction on Single (Splattered )
  • 10:52pm The Tightener/I Don't Believe by Major Stars on Roots Of Confusion Seeds Of Joy (Drag City)
  • 10:54pm Wound up/summer's #1 by The Middle Ages on Self Titled (Ripe Records )
  • 11:08pm Cop Out/Must Be Nice by Trampoline Team on Self Titled (Hozac)
  • 11:12pm Knock 'em Dead/The Gunman by Velveteen Rabbit on Self Titled (Hozac)
  • 11:16pm Lung Of The City/Aspiring to be a bloke by Possible Humans on Everybody Split (Trouble In Mind)
  • 11:28pm Bloody Blighty/End Of The Lion by Mick Trouble on ...here's the Mick Trouble LP (Emotional Response )
  • 11:29pm Unite the right in hell/satanic soul picnic by Cement Shoes on Too (Feel It Records)
  • 11:33pm I can do that/missing Records by Neutrals on Kebab Disco (Emotional Response )
  • 11:39pm Pussy Riding Cowboy Buddhas/Frontal Disorder Post Mental Border by Isotope Soap on Monitored By Zu Tse (Emotional Response )
  • 11:46pm Schimpanzee/fuhrher by John Paul George Ringo & Richard on Easy Listening (Quality Music)
  • 11:48pm Ghosts by Lou Miami on Rituals (Throbbing Lobster)
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