Hope Mix

  • 6:00pm station ID by WSPN on WSPN (WSPN)
  • 6:00pm Lamb's Bread Herb by King Tubby on 100 % Of Dub (Select Cuts)
  • 6:04pm Bos Rah by Prince Allah on Heaven Is My Roof (Tappa Records)
  • 6:07pm The Middle East by Israel Vibration on Strength Of My Life (RAS Records)
  • 6:13pm Peace In Da Middle East Remix by Nelly Stharre on Soul Country (Calabash Height International)
  • 6:19pm Cease Fire by Jah D on Cease Fire! (Divine Invasion Records)
  • 6:27pm station ID by WSPN on WSPN (WSPN)
  • 6:28pm This World by The Inspirators on [eponymous] (Fruits Records)
  • 6:34pm Peace In Oneself by Barma Grande w/ Tony Rebel on Liberta (Creative Commons)
  • 6:39pm Old Men Makes War by Max Romeo on I Love My Music (Solid Groove Records)
  • 6:44pm Assassination by The Presidents on With Guns and Canons and the Book (Montserrat Records)
  • 6:48pm That's Enough by Bankie Banx on Chariots of Steel (Banx Music)
  • 6:52pm A Love We A Deal Wit by The Rastafarians on Orthodox (ULC, Inc.)
  • 6:57pm Let Them Fight It by Daweh Congo on Militancy (Runn Records)
  • 7:02pm station ID by WSPN on WSPN (WSPN)
  • 7:02pm Who You Fighting For by UB40 on Who You Fighting For? (Rhino)
  • 7:06pm Bad Face by Mykal Rose on The Healing of the Nation (I Sight Records)
  • 7:10pm Wat About Di Workin Class by Linton Kwesi Johnson on Independant Intavenshan (Island)
  • 7:15pm Waging War by Jack Miller on Dreadlock Rock (Haiku Records)
  • 7:21pm Take a Chance by DV8 on Take a Chance (Vision Records)
  • 7:27pm If I Had a Hammer by Lazo on Heart and Soul (YT Records)
  • 7:30pm In This World by Benjamin Zephaniah on Revolutionary Minds (Fane Phonics)
  • 7:39pm Bad Man by Steel Pulse on Handsworth Revolution (Mango)
  • 7:44pm Bull In the Pen by Black Uhuru on Anthem (Island)
  • 7:49pm 2 Bulls by John Brown's Body on Spirits All Around Us (Shanachie)
  • 7:56pm Find a Way by Clinton Fearon on Vision (Kool Yu Foot)
  • 7:59pm station ID by WSPN on WSPN (WSPN)
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