queer violence

  • 11:13am Hit The Back by King Princess on Cheap Queen (Zelig Records)
  • 11:16am Violence - Original Mix by Grimes on na (na)
  • 11:17am 4AEM by Grimes on na (na)
  • 11:27am hand crushed by a mallet by 100 gecs, dylan brady, laura les on 1000 gecs (dog show records)
  • 11:38am Kill V. Maim by Grimes on Art Angels (4AD)
  • 11:38am Oh Sheit It's X by Thundercat on Apocalypse (Brainfeeder)
  • 11:38am stupid horse by 100 gecs on 1000 gecs (dog show records)
  • 11:38am The Beach (Bonus Track) by Miss Kittin & The Hacker on na (na)
  • 11:39am Future Doesn't Know by Guerilla Toss on What Would the Odd Do (NNA Tapes (HOTBOX))
  • 11:39am 1999 she by deaton chris anthony on 1999 she (deaton chris anthony)
  • 11:39am You're the One by KAYTRANDA on 99.9% (XL Recordings Limited)
  • 11:39am Genesis by Grimes on Visions (vinyl)
  • 11:40am Peace to All Freaks (Hotbox) by Of Montreal on UR FUN (Polyvinyl Records (hotbox))
  • 11:55am Pussy Is God by King Princess on na (na)
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