• 3:05pm Cities In My State by Marvelous Toy on Not Moving (Richmond Records )
  • 3:07pm Jackie Big Tits by The kooks on inside in/ inside out (Virgin Records )
  • 3:08pm All I Want Is You(Juno Soundtrack) by Barry Louis Polisar on Naturally Sweetened (n/a)
  • 3:10pm home by Vacations on Vibes (n/a)
  • 3:18pm Lights Up by Harry Styles on Fine Line ( Erskine Record)
  • 3:18pm Paul Cherry - Breadstick Ballad by Feeltrip Records on Unlucky in Love (FeelTrip)
  • 3:29pm Come and Get Your Love by Redbone on N/A (N/A)
  • 3:30pm Waiting by Mr.Elevator on Goodbye Blue Sky (Stereolab )
  • 3:56pm a well respected man by the kinks on Kinda Kinks (Sanctuary Records Group)
  • 3:57pm When The Pale Moon Comes by The Cuckoos on I hate love (n/a)
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