Season 1 Episode 01 (09/18/20)

The inaugural episode of The Descent with DJ Cthulhu.

  • 3:03pm The Monolith by Naglfar on Teras (Century Media)
  • 3:12pm Obscene Execration (Local) by Obscene Execration on Foul Incantation (Independent)
  • 3:12pm Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds by Amon Amarth on Versus the World (Metal Blade)
  • 3:16pm Dispatches from the Gutter (Hotbox) by Uniform on Shame (Sacred Bones)
  • 3:18pm Naraka by Venom Prison on Samsara (Prosthetic)
  • 3:24pm Ride the Lightning by Metallica on Ride the Lightning (Megaforce)
  • 3:33pm The Shadow of God’s Hand (Hotbox) by Uniform on Shame (Sacred Bones)
  • 3:35pm Thrall:Fulcrum:Apex by Origin on Omnipresent (Agonia)
  • 3:36pm Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce on Inhuman Rampage (Noise)
  • 3:43pm The Louder The Sound, The More We All Believe by Born of Osiris on Soul Sphere (Sumerian)
  • 3:47pm Obsidian by Viscera on Obsidian (Unique Leader)
  • 3:52pm Necronaut by Naglfar on Cerecloth (Century Media)
  • 3:56pm All Things Dead by Origin on Omnipresent (Agonia)
  • 3:59pm You Suffer by Napalm Death on Scum (Earache)
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