The Fourth Wall episode 1- Power, Pandemics, and Playing God (9/19/2020)

How do the arts empower people? How do the arts affect our everyday lives? Is everything we do art, math, and/or performance? How does one express themselves during a pandemic? For the pilot episode, Pearl talks about the importance of the arts in our lives, current events in arts world, the inspiration behind Hozier's "Nina Cries Power", and how theatre is surviving on a small scale during this year. 

  • 10:16am Nina Cried Power (feat. Mavis Staples) by Hozier on Wasteland, Baby! (Rubyworks)
  • 10:33am Constellations by Pinewood on All Things With Symmetry (2020 Pinewood (HOTBOX))
  • 10:38am Masquerading by Cults on Hosts (2020 Sinderlyn (HOTBOX))
  • 10:51am Strawberry Pie by grape juice! on Outer Spvce EP (Basement Culture (LOCAL))
  • 11:03am my future by Billie Eilish on my future- Single (Darkroom/Interscope Records )
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