Season 1 Episode 02 (09/25/20)

The second episode of The Descent with DJ Cthulhu

  • 3:00pm Deceiver of the Gods by Amon Amarth on Deceiver of the Gods (Metal Blade)
  • 3:05pm Beast by The Acacia Strain on Wormwood (Prosthetic)
  • 3:08pm Unleash Hell by Naglfar on Sheol (Century Media)
  • 3:11pm Force of Pandemonium by Naglfar on Sheol (Century Media)
  • 3:17pm Silent Spring by Godeater on All Flesh is Grass (Independent)
  • 3:20pm Genesis (Hotbox) by Deftones on Ohms (Reprise)
  • 3:26pm Radiant City (Hotbox) by Deftones on Ohms (Reprise)
  • 3:30pm Severance by Varaha on A Passage for Lost Years (Prosthetic)
  • 3:40pm Slave Species of the Gods by Blood Incantation on Hidden History of the Human Race (Dark Descent)
  • 3:45pm Foul Incantation (Local) by Obscene Execration on Foul Incantation (Independent)
  • 3:48pm Vengeance by Born of Osiris on Tomorrow We Die Alive (Sumerian)
  • 3:53pm The Attendant by Make Them Suffer on How to Survive a Funeral (Rise)
  • 3:58pm Epidemic by Slayer on Reign In Blood (Def Jam)
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