• 10:05pm Andromeda by Weyes Blood on Andromeda (Sub Pop Records)
  • 10:05pm How Lucky by Kurt Vile John Prine on Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (Matador Records (HOTBOX))
  • 10:13pm Come Around Me by Rituals of Mine on HYPE NOSTALIGIA (Carpark Records (HOTBOX) )
  • 10:16pm Wildwood by Slam Reed on Wildwood (Slam Reed Productions (LOCAL))
  • 10:20pm Thunder In a Jar by Dark Honey on Rougher Stuff (Just Pretend Records (LOCAL))
  • 11:10pm Eat Cops by Melted Bodies on Enjoy Yourself (Plastic Smiles (HOTBOX) )
  • 11:17pm Edgelord by Dorian Electra, Rebecca Black on Edgelord Single (Dorian Electra 2020 (HOTBOX))
  • 11:22pm Intro (Tim Lok) by Dolphin Pal on Slight Exhale ((HOTBOX) 2018 Dolphin Pal)
  • 11:28pm Outer Spvce by grape juice! on Outer Spvce EP (Basement Culture (LOCAL) )
  • 11:28pm Sleep by Sonefield on BENT (2019 Flightless Records )
  • 11:55pm Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event on The Airborne Toxic Event (The Island Def Jam Music Group )
  • 11:55pm PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
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