Season 1 Episode 05 (10/16/20)

The fifth episode.

  • 3:00pm Matriphagy by Venom Prison on Samsara (Prosthetic)
  • 3:03pm Gods of War Arise by Amon Amarth on With Oden on Our Side (Metal Blade)
  • 3:09pm Drown With Me by Make Them Suffer on How to Survive a Funeral (Rise)
  • 3:14pm Helter Skelter by The Beatles on The Beatles (Apple)
  • 3:18pm Come Heroine (Hotbox) by Touché Amoré on Lament (Epitaph)
  • 3:21pm Listen To Someone by Svalbard on When I Die, Will I Get Better (Translation Loss)
  • 3:27pm Ohms (Hotbox) by Deftones on Ohms (Reprise)
  • 3:32pm Blood Eagle (Local) by Obscene Execration on Foul Incantation (Independent)
  • 3:34pm Obolus by Horrendous on Idol (Seasons of Mist)
  • 3:43pm Crystal Mountain by Death on Symbolic (Roadrunner)
  • 3:48pm Scourge of Iron by Cannibal Corpse on Torture (Metal Blade)
  • 3:54pm Vortex of Thought by Outer Heaven on Realms of Eternal Decay (Relapse)
  • 3:58pm The Composer by Born of Osiris on Soul Sphere (Sumerian)
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