Chicken Milk Ep. 4 (Quiet but Hype)

  • 12:02pm Limitless by Sudan Archives on ATHENA (STONES THROW RECORDS(HOTBOX!))
  • 12:07pm Vein by Toro on Vein (Tora)
  • 12:11pm Everybody Wants to be Famous by Superorganism on Superorganism (Domino Recording)
  • 12:13pm Birthday by Disclosure on Birthday (Universal-Island Record Ltd.)
  • 12:18pm Hesitate by Cooking Class on Slow (Left Ear LLC (LOCAL))
  • 12:18pm You Know You Like It by DJ Snake on You Know You Like It (Universal-Island Records Ltd.)
  • 12:23pm I Can Change - wiidope remix by Lake Street Drive, Wiidope on I Can Change - wiidope remix (Nonesuch)
  • 12:27pm Wildfire (feat. Alex Holtti) by KOPS, Alex Holtti on Artwork II/II (Official Music (HOTBOX))
  • 12:31pm Lift Yourself by Kanye West on Lift Yourself (Getting Out Our Dreams)
  • 12:34pm Hard to Get by LeoSoul on Soul, for Real EP (The Math Club)
  • 12:39pm All My Girls Like to Fight by Hope Tala on All My Girls Like to Fight (EMI)
  • 12:41pm 6's to 9's (feat. Rationale) by Big Wild on Superdream (Counter Records)
  • 12:47pm No Vuelvo by Amber Figueroa on Single (Nacional Records (HOTBOX))
  • 12:51pm Chicken Tenders by Dominic Fike on Chicken Tenders (Columbia)
  • 12:53pm In Your Eyes (feat Kenny G) - remix by The Weekend, Kenny G on In Your Eyes (remix) (Republic Records)
  • 12:57pm May I Have This Dance (Remix) [feat. Chance the Rapper] by Francis and the Lights on May I Have (KTTF/GOOD)
  • 11:59am Put Your Records On by Ritt Momney on Put Your Records On (Quarter Zip)
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