October 23, 2020

  • 4:01pm Ode to African Violet by Mort Garson on Mother Earth's Plantasia (Sacred Bones Records )
  • 4:05pm Portofino I by Raymond Scott on Manhattan Research, Inc (Brunswick )
  • 4:07pm Hanging Gardens by Sarah Davachi on Cantus, Descane (Ba, Da, Bing! Records)
  • 4:13pm Coconut Serenade by Imaginary Softwoods on Annual Flowers in Color (Mineral Disk)
  • 4:21pm Eyes to Rings by Causeyoufair on Eyes to Rings (Audiobulb Records (HOTBOX))
  • 4:26pm Half Life of Dawn by Abul Mogard on Circular Forms (Ecstatic Records)
  • 4:33pm Toi by Visible Cloaks on FRKWYS Vol. 15: serenitatem (RVNG Intl.)
  • 4:40pm Figure 8 by Body/Negative on Fragments ((HOTBOX))
  • 4:43pm Saccade by Steve Hauschildt on Dissolvi (Ghostly International )
  • 4:47pm Creosote Ring by Golden Retriever on Rain Shadow (Thrill Jockey )
  • 4:53pm Hand in Flame by Evan Caminiti on Varispeed Hydra (Thrill Jockey)
  • 4:56pm Visions in Dust by Barn Owl on Ancestral Star (Thrill Jockey)
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