• 12:10am Too punk for heavy metal by ISS on Single (Total Punk)
  • 12:15am Motorcycle Rock by Mother’s of Track on Single (Splattered)
  • 12:18am Cocaine Kangaroo by Moths & Locusts on Single (Noise agony mayhem)
  • 12:21am The mist/el pono/jellyroll by The Cowboy on Feel the chi ep (Feel It)
  • 12:27am Nati per soffrire/lavaro by Upside on Single (No Good)
  • 12:31am Teenage time killer/hearse/deadliving/black president/tower of strength/play by Rudimentary Peni on Single (Sealed Records )
  • 12:43am All the young bulls/Baltimore back steps by Height Keech on Wild Height Keech (Cold Rhymes )
  • 12:46am Servants in heaven by Rank/Xerox on Single (Iron Lung)
  • 12:46am Reader by RMFC on Single (Antifade)
  • 12:53am I still call this punk scene my home/bond clean/explosives in the headlights by Alien Nosejob on Single (Iron Lung )
  • 12:53am Leave me alone by Watery Love on Split single (.?)
  • 12:59am Side Anarchy by Brainwashed Youth on Single (Richie)
  • 1:04am Out at dusk by Walter Daniels and the Hungry Hearts on Single (Spacecase )
  • 1:07am Is there someone out there by Z-Cars on Single (Meanbean)
  • 1:09am Adding up/treacle toffee world by Parsnip on Single (Antifade)
  • 1:18am On A Starlit Grind/I can’t believe there’s a meme shooter by Height Keech on Raw Routes (Cold Rhymes Records)
  • 1:18am Rock Hard/party’s getting rough by Beastie Boys on Rock Hard 12” (Def Jam)
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