Pass the Mic

  • Fridays, 5:00pm6:00pm

Our show is intended to provide an artistic platform for People of Color, People with Disabilities, International, Immigrant, Refugee, LGBTQ+ & Economically Disadvantaged communities on Skidmore’s campus. We prioritize social and racial equity while keeping in mind power and positionality. Each guest will be treated as a whole being and encouraged to share art, stories, and topics that are meaningful to them.

Pass the Mic
5:00pm, 3-6-2020
5:00pm, 10-11-2019
10:00pm, 8-10-2019
10:00pm, 7-27-2019
10:00pm, 7-20-2019
5:00pm, 5-24-2019
5:00pm, 5-17-2019
5:00pm, 5-10-2019
5:00pm, 5-3-2019
5:00pm, 4-12-2019