• 11:07pm Saga by Iron Claw on Single (Ancient Grease)
  • 11:14pm Death admin machine/seize by Shove on Single (Rack Off Records)
  • 11:18pm Polyrhythmic ticks/replicant by Smirk on Single (Under the Gun)
  • 11:20pm A face in the crowd by Optic Sink on Single (Spacecase)
  • 11:23pm No convenient apocalypse by Pissed Jeans on Single (Sub Pop)
  • 11:27pm Corridors of Summer by Idle Ray on Single (Tall Texan)
  • 11:31pm From death to texas by Walter Daniels on Single (Spacecase )
  • 11:35pm Stupid jerk/time to fuck/the Todd killings by Angry Samoans on Single (Homophobic)
  • 11:39pm Get out by The Cardiac Kidz on Single (Breakout Records )
  • 11:40pm Keep doin what you’re doing by The Brats on Single (Breakout Records )
  • 11:43pm Find yourself a way by The Cardiac Kidz on Single (Breakout Records )
  • 11:46pm Never been in a riot by The Mekons on Single (Superior Viaduct )
  • 11:48pm Where were you? by The Mekons on Single (Superior Viaduct )
  • 11:50pm Side one by Various Artists on The Happy Squid Sampler (Spacecase )
  • 11:52pm Die, Saurier, Die by Caspar Brotzman/Peter Brotzman on Last Home (Deutsche Pathological)
  • 12:07am Discharge by Last Exit on S/T LP (Enemy)
  • 12:11am Straw Dog by Last Exit on The Noise Of Trouble (Enemy)
  • 12:11am Line of fire by Last Exit on Cassette Recordings (Enemy )
  • 12:16am Eraser/shadow me by Sweeping Promises on Good Living Is Coming For You (Feel It Records)
  • 12:39am Motorbike/true method by Motorbike on S/T LP (Feel It)
  • 12:44am Stare Scared/Buickboogie by The Stools on R U Saved. (Feel It)
  • 12:55am Nationalsville/two dozen functions by The Toads on In The Wilderness (Upset! The Rhythm)
  • 12:58am Dark world/coincidence by Normil Hawaiians on Dark World (70-81) (Upset The Rhythm)
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