• 11:40pm The girls don’t go for punks by The Victims on Single (In The Red)
  • 11:40pm Making a mint/factory by Aborted Tortoise on Single (Goodbye Boozy )
  • 11:42pm Some other girl by Textones on Single (IRS)
  • 11:45pm Vacation/the time is right by Textones on Single (Chiswick )
  • 11:50pm The Ballad of Dwight Frye by Dream Syndicate on Single (Forced Exposure )
  • 11:54pm Dreamland In Machineland by The Geeks on Single (S-S)
  • 11:59pm Wonder what it was by Television Personalities on Single (Formosa Punk)
  • 12:06am Girls aren’t the same by Thirteen on Single (Sing Sing)
  • 12:13am Rock and roller by Lazy on Single (Reminder )
  • 12:13am I wanna be a star by The Daze on Single (Reminder)
  • 12:19am Here we go again/controlled collapse by Pink Steel on Here We Go Again EP (Supreme Echo)
  • 12:20am Gonna get you girl/forever and ever by Culture Shock on Single (Supreme Echo)
  • 12:26am Cat’sLife/Paint fumes/caught up by Sudden Impact on Single (Supreme Echo )
  • 12:31am Off the Rails by Ricochet on Single (Splattered )
  • 12:35am Plastica by A-Frames on Single (S-S)
  • 12:40am Crutches/membrane by A-Frames on Single (Polly Magoo )
  • 12:43am Sewercide/silver daggers by Electric Eels on Spin Age Blasters (Scat)
  • 12:47am Birthplace of aviation/pleasure by Jim Shepard on Motorcycle Movie (The Iron Press)
  • 12:54am Cotton boy Tuesday/let the light in by Famous Mammals on Instant Pop Expressionism Now! (Siltbreeze)
  • 12:59am A new season by CIA Debutante on Down, Willow (Siltbreeze)
  • 1:03am New Germs by Bill Orcutt on Jump On It (Palilalia)
  • 1:07am In my head/haunted by Big Blood on First Aid Kit (Feeding Tube/Ba Da Bing)
  • 1:13am Naked by Animal Piss It’s Everywhere on S/T LP (Half A Million)
  • 1:22am In the Pines by Gene Clark on Two Sides To Every Story (RSO)
  • 1:24am Secrets of Magic Revealed by Second Family Band on Dream Release (Boondocks Pissoir)
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