• 9:55pm SIM/tightening the tangles by Dippers on Clastic Rock (Goner)
  • 10:05pm Talk to the gods/the abortion by Nudge Squidfish on Early Squid (Spacecase)
  • 10:12pm Kite balloons/cornflake esp/tick tock by Honey Radar on Ruby Puff Of Dust (What’s Your Rupture )
  • 10:18pm I’m stranded by The Saints on Single (In The Red)
  • 10:22pm Relaxing in the jungle by The Double on Single (In the Red)
  • 10:27pm Fa ce la/loveless love by The Feelies on Crazy Rhythms (Stiff)
  • 10:30pm Love Minus Action/radar luv by BARK on Bark Loud (Cool Dog Sound)
  • 10:40pm Vaan/terrible by Lewsberg on S/T LP (reissue) (12XU)
  • 10:48pm Wrong Direction/weapon of the Mystic by Retail Simps on Live On Cool Street (Total Punk)
  • 10:52pm Casting calls/the duke by Vintage Crop on Kibitzer (Anti-Fade)
  • 10:59pm Leaves/I have known love by PG Six on Murmurs and Whispers (Drag City)
  • 11:06pm All the Rains by John Fahey on Proofs and Refutations (Drag City)
  • 11:13pm Mainliner by High Rise on Dispersion (Black Editions)
  • 11:17pm The prison Within by Prison on Upstate (Drag City)
  • 11:28pm Stunner by OSEES on Intercepted Message (In The Red)
  • 11:34pm Too punk for heavy metal/a msg 2u by ISS on Spikes+ (Sorry State)
  • 11:43pm Death Valley 69 by Sonic Youth on Live In Brooklyn 2011 (Silver Current )
  • 11:46pm Flying Blind by Live Skull on Party Zero (Bronson)
  • 11:51pm Di Meola by Mike Gent on Career Moves (Needle Drop)
  • 11:54pm Stark naked when the phone rang/head of state by As Sherriff on Six Ways to the Ace (Supreme Echo)
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