• 9:59pm Shopping Bags/summit cutting mill by Sky Furrows on Reflect and Oppose (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube)
  • 10:06pm Rainbow/and more and more again by Spiral Dub on S/T LP (Sanctuary Moon)
  • 10:12pm Ghost Of The Water by Le Villejuif Underground on Single (Born Bad)
  • 10:18pm Hold Me Up by Velvet Crush on Single (Parasol)
  • 10:22pm Sad Anita/tightrope line by Steve Stardust on Lost N Found (Reminder )
  • 10:34pm Pagan Rachael/something else by Flamin Groovies on Supersnazz (Epic)
  • 10:36pm Give me a bite/ cut you off by COFFIN on Australia Stops (Goner)
  • 10:43pm Outside Gentiles by High Rise on Dispersion (Black Editions)
  • 10:50pm Sweet Sister pt. 1 (excerpt) by Up-Tight on Sweet Sister (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube)
  • 10:56pm So Alone by Prison on Upstate (Drag City)
  • 11:03pm Keleya by Orchestra Gold on Medicine (Self Released )
  • 11:11pm Drop to inoperant/on the bend by Dippers on Clastic Rock (Goner)
  • 11:19pm Keeper of the fire/spirit out by Retail Simps on Live On Cool Street (Total Punk)
  • 11:25pm Newest thing /dizzy land by Christopher Alan Durham & The Peacetime Consumers on Kicks or Macabre (Soft Abuse)
  • 11:29pm Lilac pharmacy/orange knife/a trip to bel moor cttage by Honey Radar on Sing The Snow Away (Chunklet/Third Uncle)
  • 11:37pm The future is in eggs/the great Blake st. Canoe race by Guided By Voices on Self Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia (Scat Records)
  • 11:42pm America’s Dead by Nudge Squidfish on Early Squid (Spacecase)
  • 11:52pm Vehicular sound collage/oil change/Bessie’s blues by Kris Gruda on Plays For You (Palilalia)
  • 11:56pm Tell Me Death by PG Six on Murmurs and Whispers (Drag City)
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