Welcome back listeners! Your favorite source of new jazz has returned to the WSPN scene better than ever. With that, I thought we'd start off this journey with some epic jazz fusion coming from across the Pacific. When I say those Japanese guys know how to get down, I mean THEY KNOW HOW TO GET DOWN. Tune in for a listen... if you're really feeling bold, you could even give us a call............

  • 8:04am Nowin by Masaru Imada on Compilation (Various Artists) (Solid Records/Ultra Vybe Inc.)
  • 8:11am PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 8:13am テイク・ミ - Live at Chuo Kaikan Hall, Tokyo, Feb. 1982 by CASIOPEA on recorded LIVE and BEST ~ Early Alfa Years (ALFA MUSIC INC)
  • 8:18am プリーズ by Jiro Inagaki and His Soul Media on ファンキー・スタッフ (Nippon Columbia )
  • 8:23am Romance by Hiroshi Suzuki on Cat (Nippon Columbia)
  • 8:29am Autumn Leaves by Ryo Fukui on Scenery (Trio Records)
  • 8:36am Take Five by Minoru Muraoka on Bamboo (Mr Bongo/ 1970 United Artists Records)
  • 8:42am PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 8:43am Gone with the Wind by 北村英治, 菅野邦彦 on Collaboration: Kunihiko Meets Eiji (Octavia Records/Audio Lab Rec)
  • 8:50am Echoes by Smoove & Turrell on Echoes (Jalapeno (HOTBOX))
  • 8:54am Love Can't Be Borrowed by The Sextones on Love Can't Be Borrowed- Single (2023 Record Kicks (HOTBOX) )
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