GBG (10/23)

  • 12:20pm Laundry Room by The Avett Brothers on I And Love And You (American Recordings)
  • 12:27pm Don't Think Twice it's All right by Bob Dylan on The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 12:27pm Heart of the Country by Paul & Linda McCartney on Ram (Capitol Records)
  • 12:30pm Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan on The Times They Are A-Changin' (Sony BMG)
  • 12:36pm Stand By Me by Oasis on Be Here Now (Big Brother Records)
  • 12:43pm PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 12:43pm PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 12:43pm Untying a Knot by Mutual Benefit on Growing at the Edges (Transgressive (HOTBOX))
  • 12:51pm My Sister in Jesus Christ by Slaughter Beach, Dog on Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling (Lame-O Records (HOTBOX))
  • 12:52pm Oh Yoko! by John Lennon on Imagine (EMI)
  • 12:57pm Hospitals and Jails by Mason Jennings on Simple Life (Stats and Brackets)
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