• 10:03pm Conundrum/Brutus/Crusade by MX-80 Sound on Better Than Life (Feeding Tube)
  • 10:15pm Reason To Hide/Spill by Oneida on Expensive Air (Jagjaguwar)
  • 10:24pm See the city/In the desert,in the flood by Mountain Movers on Walking After Dark (Trouble In Mind)
  • 10:36pm The full-measure wash down/everything I tried to understand by Chris Corsano on The Key (Drag City )
  • 10:44pm Black smoke/Animus by Wake In Fright on S/T LP (Feeding Tube )
  • 10:53pm What’s in it for you?/I’ll take your word for it by Redd Kross on S/T LP (In The Red)
  • 11:05pm Side one (excerpt) by Honey Radar on Ribbon Factory (Self Released )
  • 11:12pm Altamont Raven/Fly The Orient/born due by Tricky Woo on Sometimes I Cry (No Tomorrow )
  • 11:18pm Dog meds/best ones leave/night circuit by Memo PST on S/T LP (In The Red)
  • 11:25pm I’m the last American cowboy/house of the rising sun blues/I’d never heard of Jimi Hendrix by Monsieur Jeffrey Evans on I’ve Lived A Rich Life (SFTRI)
  • 11:37pm Trusty Friend/Stars of Tennessee by Cherry Blossoms on Stars Of Tennessee (Feeding Tube)
  • 11:49pm Barrow Boys/Something Looming by Marcel Wave on Something Looming (Upset The Rhythm/Feel It)
  • 11:57pm Ronnie/Shapes by Bong Wish on Hazy Road (Feeding Tube)
  • 12:03am April’s Letter And The Rain by Wednesday Knudsen on Soft Focus Vol. 2 (Feeding Tube )
  • 12:13am Watching the Skies by Elkhorn on Other Worlds (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube)
  • 12:26am Those Damned by TBWNIAS & Dead Sea Apes on Eine Nacht vol one (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube )
  • 12:37am Side one by Steve Tibbetts on Safe Journey (ECM)
  • 12:57am Side One by Centazzo-Kaiser Duo on Protocol (Metalanguage)
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