July 17, 2019

  • 9:07pm 10 Mile Stereo by Beach House on Teen Dream 2009
  • 9:12pm PSNGR002610_Diner_Spanish 30 RADIO by
  • 9:13pm Fastest Man Alive by Grandmaster Flash on The Source 1986
  • 9:18pm Porgy And Bess: Fisherman, Strawberry, Devil Crab (Gershwin) by Miles Davis on Jazz Classics
  • 9:19pm Water Over Sex by Lala Lala on The Lamb
  • 9:22pm Scott: Fu Manchu by Fu Manchu ID
  • 9:22pm PSNGR002710_Diner_Eng 20 RADIO by
  • 9:22pm Stockholm Syndrome by Yo La Tengo on I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One 1997
  • 9:25pm Why You Crying by Calvin Johnson on A Wonderful Beast 2018
  • 9:28pm Laredo Tornado by Electric Light Orchestra on Eldorado 1974
  • 9:33pm PSNGR002310_Connections_Eng 20 RADIO by
  • 9:33pm Led Zeppelin (Bonus Track) by Tame Impala on Lonerism 2012
  • 9:36pm Passenger: 2/26/1981 by Grateful Dead on 30 Days of Dead 2011 2011
  • 9:41pm I Know There's An Answer by Beach Boys on Pet Sounds
  • 9:45pm No Name #2 by Elliott Smith on Roman Candle 1995
  • 9:48pm Small Poppies by Courtney Barnett on Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit 2015
  • 9:55pm PSNGR002611_Diner_Spanish 30 RADIO_OE by
  • 9:55pm Oh My God(Lp Version) by A Tribe Called Quest on Oh My God 1994
  • 9:59pm Noble Nobles by Esperanza Spalding on Emily's D+Evolution 2016
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