Rock and Roll is Rolling Episode 1

This was my first show! I decided to play a playlist that mainly consisted of hits from the band The Cars who's lead singer passed away recently! I played a bunch of their hits to commemorate him. I also included some other great stuff 

Hotbox #1- In Love Again Mannequin Pussy 

Hello Again The Cars 

You Might think The Cars 

Drive The Cars 

My Best Friend's Girl The Cars 

Magic The Cars 

Let's Go The Cars 

Sad Song The Cars 

You're All I've got tonight The Cars 

Heartbeat City The Cars 

You Are the Girl The Cars 

Touch and Go The Cars 

Just What I needed The Cars 

Candy-O The Cars 

Good Times Roll The Cars 

Roundabout Yes 

The Great Salt Lake Band of Horses 

The First Song Band of Horses 

The Funeral Band of Horses 

Sleep Like a Baby Tonight U2 

Iris (Hold Me Close) U2 

California (There is No End to Love) U2 

Wonderful Wonderful The Killers 

Rut The Killers 

Smile Like You Mean It The Killers 

Mr. Brightside The Killers 

All These Things I've Done The Killers 

Hotbox #2 - Who Are You Mannequin Pussy 

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