• 10:13pm Shiny Diamond /Marc's idea board/sunset rock by Wildweeeds on Sunset Rock EP (Self released)
  • 10:18pm Ginger/Mary Jane by Wild Weeeds on Let It Bleeed (Self Released)
  • 10:28pm Another Plan by Mosses on T.V. Sun (Anyway)
  • 10:35pm Kill Your Sons by Lou Reed on Live In Italy (BMG/RCA)
  • 10:36pm Uncle Meat by Mothers Of Invention on Pachuco Hop (CD Bootleg)
  • 10:43pm Ground Hog by Spirit on Clear (Ode)
  • 11:00pm Run for your life/black Christmas by Kim Fowley on Snake Document Masquerade (Antilles)
  • 11:08pm Hot sick vile and fun Nuns having fun by The Gonks on Five things you didn't know about... (Rocks in Your Head)
  • 11:14pm I don't love you/bullshit by The Dishrags on Three (Supreme Echo)
  • 11:16pm Untitled by Alexander on Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere (C/Site)
  • 11:25pm Deep In The Valley by Mountain Movers on Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere (C/Site)
  • 11:45pm Side One by Center on One (cassette) (Soundholes)
  • 11:47pm Robby's ThemeDutch Light On Silver Water by Sqürl on Some Music For Robby Muller (Sacred Bones)
  • 11:53pm Side One by The Figgs on Shady Grove (Stomper LP)
  • 12:04am Side One by Value Ape on Live at the End Of Civilization (Easy Street Cafe)
  • 12:21am Side one by Judy and the Jerks on Friendships Formed In The Pit (Neck Chop)
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