• 9:59pm Grow/the wave/wash my heart by Wild Weeeds on Grass Planet Holiday (Self Released)
  • 10:07pm Sweet Young Thing/Holden Caulfield Thinks You're A Pussy by The Ugly Muppets on Rocket Surgery (Self Released )
  • 10:10pm Sleepwalker/Death Row Messiah by The Abyssmals on Gospels, Hymns, and Other Trash (Randall)
  • 10:25pm States Rights/Love Me Much by Sex Clark Five on Antedium (Skyclad)
  • 10:26pm Kill you on the streetcar/false fiend by Trampoline Team on Single (Neck Chop)
  • 10:32pm Medical study/future snock by Lost System on No Meaning No Culture EP (Neck Chop)
  • 10:38pm Teenage Trance by Lysol on Single (Neck Chop)
  • 10:44pm Covered in shit by Penance Hall on Single (Neck Chop)
  • 10:44pm Live 3/3/17 by Nosferatu on Lathe 7 (Neck Chop)
  • 10:47pm Emergences by Mosquitos on Single (Dischi Del Barone)
  • 10:51pm Titania by Small Cruel Party on Single (Dischi Del Barone)
  • 10:58pm Sandy Goes/Our Saturdays by Huevos II on III (Sophomore Lounge )
  • 11:04pm Fall/Sleep Hall by Cross on Die Forever (Sophomore Lounge )
  • 11:17pm Over Easy by Headroom on Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere (C/Site)
  • 11:17pm Tunnel Of Love/citizen Cane by The Byrds on Byrdmaniax (Columbia)
  • 11:29pm I've Got You Babe by Tiny Tim and Eleanor Baruchian on You Are What You Eat S/T (Columbia)
  • 11:36pm Side Two by V/A on We Were Living In Cincinnati (Hozac)
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