• 10:08pm My time is gone/memories/alright by Huevos on III (Sophomore Lounge )
  • 10:18pm Meanwhile by David Nance Group on Single (Third Man)
  • 10:18pm Nickel and dime by Long Hots on Single (Third Man )
  • 10:30pm When I left/ American convertible by The Stools on Single (Third Man)
  • 10:30pm Riding in the sun by The Rebel on Single (Third Man)
  • 10:31pm Take me to the barfight by Penance Hall on Single (Neck Chop)
  • 10:36pm False companion/lost system by Lost System on No Meaning No Culture EP (Neck Chop)
  • 10:38pm Chemical reaction by Lysol on Single (Neck Chop)
  • 10:45pm Kill you for a kroner/shockwave by Trampoline Team on Single (Neck Chop)
  • 10:49pm Habit/this town by Jackson Politick on Paste v.1 (Neck Chop)
  • 10:50pm Me and my friends town/king of things by Knowso on Look At The Chart (Neck Chop)
  • 11:00pm She's like Hiroshima/indecision by Distance on Diamond Distance and Liquid Fury (Sonny Vincent: Primitive 1969-76) (Hozac)
  • 11:09pm Intro/mother writes/Mary Jane by Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera on S/T LP (Epic)
  • 11:14pm Run don't stop by Bull Angus on S/T LP (Mercury )
  • 11:20pm Kim Fowley by Stranded In The Future/don't feed the animals on Snake Document Masquerade (Antilles)
  • 11:25pm Practice makes perfect/French film blurred by Wire on Chairs Missing (Harvest)
  • 11:30pm You're tearing me apart/ain't got no sense by Teenage Head on S/T LP (Other People's Music)
  • 11:40pm Sleeping Dogs (Part 1 & 2) by The Figgs on Shady Grove (Stomper LP)
  • 11:50pm John Forbes/I'm sorry JC by Le Villejuif Underground on When Will The Flies in Deauville Drop (Born Bad)
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