• 10:16pm Side One by The Figgs on Badger LP (Stomper)
  • 10:16pm Landlords by The Cool Greenhouse on Single (Drunken Sailor)
  • 10:29pm Rock and Roll by The Archaeas on Single (Total Punk)
  • 10:32pm 4chan by The Cool Greenhouse on Single (Drunken Sailor)
  • 10:34pm Replica by The Archaeas on Single (Total Punk)
  • 10:41pm Mps/ mon cherie by Institute on Readjusting The Locks (Sacred Bones)
  • 10:41pm All in good time/medieval wall by Eddy Current on All In Good Time (Castle Face)
  • 10:45pm Sandy Goes/Our Saturdays by Huevos II on III (Sophomore Lounge )
  • 11:02pm Side one by The Figgs on Shady Grove LP (Stomper)
  • 11:03pm Let Loose by Gino and the goons on V/A The Tascam Tapes (Chumpire)
  • 11:19pm The hard way/pills in my pocket by Gino and the Goons on Do The Get Around (Drunken Sailor)
  • 11:23pm Neck Tie Party/backwash by The Worst on Jane Doe Embryo (Self Released)
  • 11:30pm I'm a lonely night driver/my glamorous mother by The Gonks on Five things you didn't know about... (Rocks in Your Head)
  • 11:37pm I'm a problem/can't get through by The Ferrets on Angry young ferrets (Jargon)
  • 11:47pm Head Check by The Wilful Boys on Life Lessons (Homeless)
  • 11:52pm USA/MEXICO 'Matamoros' (Matamoros 2019) by USA/Mexico on Matamoros (12XU)
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