A Trip to the Movies

  • 10:07am Southbound by Zen & the Winter Folk on How to Be Alone (Zan & the Winter Folk (LOCAL))
  • 10:13am Those Old Black and White Movies Were True by Eugene McGuinness on Eugene McGuinness (Domino Recording Co Ltd)
  • 10:17am PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 10:20am Breakfast at Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something on Home (Interscope Records)
  • 10:23am (If You Were) In My Movie by Suzanne Vega on Close up, Vol. 1 - Love Songs (Amanuenis Productions, Inc.)
  • 10:30am Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes on Mistaken Identity (Capitol Records)
  • 10:33am Clark Gable by The Postal Service on Give Up (Sub Pop Records)
  • 10:42am Girls on Film by Duran Duran on Decade (Parlophone Records Ltd)
  • 10:45am That's Why God Made the Movies by Paul Simon on One-Trick Pony (Paul Simon Music)
  • 10:49am PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 10:53am Celluloid Heroes by The Kinks on Everybody's in Show-Biz (Kinks Properties Limited)
  • 10:59am quitter by Sydney Sprague on maybe i will see you at the end of the world (Rude Records (HOTBOX))
  • 11:05am Experimental Film by They Might Be Giants on The Spine (Idlewild Records)
  • 11:08am Everyone's Gone to the Movies by Steely Dan on Katy Lied (MCA Records )
  • 11:12am PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 11:14am Hollywood by MARINA on The Family Jewels (679 Recordings Ltd.)
  • 11:17am Sound of Alarm by Cloud Nothings on The Shadow I Remember (Carpark Records (HOTBOX))
  • 11:23am Picture Show by John Prine on The Missing Years (Oh Boy Records)
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