• 12:34am FULL METAL RACKET SHOW by GEORGE BURNZ on 25 years strong (THE Metal PIG)
  • 12:37am Circle Of Nerves by EYEHATEGOD on A History Of Nomadic Behavior (Century Media)
  • 12:44am Do It by Rollins Band on Do It (Texas Hotel)
  • 12:45am Point The Finger by Body Count on Carnivore (Century Media)
  • 12:48am Crossbreaker by Power Trip on Manifest Decimation (Southern Lord )
  • 12:53am Same Old Story by Agnostic Front on Police Brutality 7 inch (Bridge 9)
  • 12:55am Empires Fall by Night Demon on Empires Fall (Century Media)
  • 1:19am Rock N Roll Singer by Supersuckers on ACDC COVERS (Reptilian)
  • 1:19am Endless Vacation by Ramones on Too HIGH to die (capitol)
  • 1:22am I Dont need Society by DRI on Dealing With it (rotten)
  • 1:26am GIve My Taxes Back by DRI on Dealing With It (Rotten)
  • 1:27am SLAYER! by SLAYER! on SLAYER! (SLAYER!)
  • 1:36am Steel Sharpens Steel by Sheer Mag on A Distant Call (Wilsuns)
  • 1:43am Frequency by Fire & Ice on Frequency (HC)
  • 1:54am Rest In Power by Grove Street Families on Las Venturas (Venn)
  • 1:57am Power by SFA on A New Morality (NYHC)
  • 2:01am Hands Of The Ripper by Bloody Hammers on Songs Of Unspeakable Terror (Napalm)
  • 2:03am Crazy by Atomic Bitchwax on Force Field (Tee Pee)
  • 2:06am The Storm by Black Trip on Shadowline (SPV)
  • 2:11am Battle In the Swamp by Conan on live (Napalm)
  • 2:15am Hell Unleashed by Evile on Hell Unleashed (Napalm)
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