• 12:00am Conservation of Two by Sweet Trip on You Will Never Know Why (Darla Records)
  • 5:19pm Heart Basel by The Drums on Abysmal Thoughts (anti )
  • 5:58pm weekend at Santa Cruz by Michael Seyer on Bad Bonez (Momotaro Records)
  • 5:59pm trees and flowers by strawberry switchblade on n/a (n/a)
  • 6:06pm Happy Birthday by Altered images on Happy Birthday (NA)
  • 6:21pm Ocean - Live From The Matrix, San Francisco, CA / 1969 by The Velvet Underground on San Fransicso 1969 (n/a)
  • 6:32pm PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 6:32pm Island Music by Tennis on Yours Conditionally (Mutually Detrimental)
  • 6:35pm If by Pink Floyd on Atom Heart Mother (Sony Music Entertainment )
  • 6:41pm Hair Receding by Xenia Rubinos on Magic Trix (Ba Da Bing!)
  • 6:47pm low and silent by The Deathray Davies on Midnight at the Black Nail Polish Factory (Glurp Records)
  • 6:50pm Hideous Towns by The Sundays on Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (UMG )
  • 6:55pm Will I see you Again? by Thee Sacred Souls on Will I see you Again (Daptone Records)
  • 6:58pm Stepping Through Shadow by Menahan Street Band on The Exciting Sounds of Menahan Street Band (Daptone Records(HOTBOX))
  • 7:03pm Everybody's gotta Live by Love on Found Love (Columbia Records )
  • 7:07pm PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 7:07pm Kent Yasami by Senay on Honki Ponki (Odeon Müzik)
  • 7:10pm Waltz #2 (XO) by Elliot Smith on XO (DreamWorks Records)
  • 7:17pm Like a Lady by Pom Poko on Cheater (na)
  • 7:19pm Pourquoi tu me fous plus des coups? by An Luu on Pourquoi tu me fous plus des coups? (Chany Music)
  • 7:24pm Strawberry Pie by grape juice! on Outer Spvce EP (Basement Culture (LOCAL))
  • 7:28pm Strictly Rule by Vetiver on Tight Knit (Sub Pop Records )
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