Episode 14- Space and Some Jams Pt. 1

This episode included a totally different theme of space as well as the radio debut of OK Orchestra and three songs by Elton John.

  • 4:00pm 2001: A Space Odyssey by Richard Strauss, Boston Pops Orchestra on Pops Out Of This World (PolyGram Classics)
  • 4:05pm The Final Countdown by Europe on The Final Countdown (Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 4:10pm Space Oddity- 1999 Remaster by David Bowie on best of bowie (trident)
  • 4:15pm Planet Claire by The B-52's on The B-52's (warner)
  • 4:20pm There's A... (Hotbox) by Linda Smith on Till Another Time: 1988-1996 (Captured Tracks)
  • 4:25pm Le Festin by Camille, Michael Giacchino on Ratatouille Soundtrack (Disney Enterprises)
  • 4:30pm I So Liked Spring - 1996 Version (Hotbox) by Linda Smith on Till Another Time: 1988-1996 (Captured Tracks)
  • 4:35pm Hiding Underneath (Local) by Cassandra Kubinski on hiding underneath (Cassandra Kubinski)
  • 4:40pm Your Smiling Face by James Taylor on The Best of James Taylor (Warner Music)
  • 4:42pm Into D' Winter by DJ Jay Gray on theSpring (Into D' Dakhness Music Group)
  • 4:45pm 3 O'Clock Things by AJR on OK Orchestra (2021 AJR Productions)
  • 4:50pm Rock And Roll Madonna by Elton John on Elton John (Mercury Record Limited)
  • 4:55pm Daniel by Elton John on "Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player" (MCA)
  • 5:00pm Just Like Noah's Ark by Elton John on Captain & the Kid (Interscope, Mercury)
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