Episode 16- Cassandra and Some Jams

This episode featured an exclusive interview with local artist, Cassandra Kubinski who currently lives in Saratoga Springs, NY. It features 3 of her songs as well as several singer-songwriters from the 70s that her parents loved and listened to as she was growing up. 

  • 3:45pm There's A... (Hotbox) by Linda Smith on Till Another Time: 1988-1996 (Captured Tracks)
  • 3:50pm I So Liked Spring - 1996 Version (Hotbox) by Linda Smith on Till Another Time: 1988-1996 (Captured Tracks)
  • 4:40pm Stardust (Local) by Cassandra Kubinski on Stardust (Cassandra Kubinski)
  • 4:45pm Not so Different by Cassandra Kubinski on Not so Different (Cassandra Kubinski)
  • 4:50pm Dreams (feat. Tony Daniels) by Cassandra Kubinski on DREAMS (Cassandra Kubinski)
  • 4:55pm That's Not Her Style by Billy Joel on Storm Front (Columbia)
  • 5:00pm A Matter of Trust by Billy Joel on The Bridge (Family Productions)
  • 5:05pm It's Too Late by Carole King on A Natural Woman: The Ode Collection 1968 - 1976 (Discogs)
  • 5:10pm Running On Empty by Jackson Browne on Running on Empty (Rhino/Elecktra)
  • 5:15pm Mambo Italiano by Bette Midler on Bette Midler Sings The Rosemary Clooney Songbook (Columbia Records)
  • 5:17pm Woman in Love by Barbara Streisand on Guilty (Columbia Records)
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