• 12:21am Lessons of The Past by Grove street families on Single (yo)
  • 12:24am Straight To The Heart by Dio on Holy Diver Live (BMG)
  • 12:24am WWIII by Testament on Titans Of Creation (Nuclear Blast)
  • 12:27am Critical Mass by Nuclear Assault on Handle With Care (yo)
  • 12:29am Kiss Of Death by Enforcer on single (nuclear blast)
  • 12:35am Witness Hell by Plague Years on Circle Of Darkness (eOne)
  • 12:36am Kiss of Death by Enforcer on Kiss Of Death (Nuclear Blast)
  • 12:39am Long Live the Fist by Skull Fist on Single (Noise Art)
  • 12:40am Sabotage Is Sex (ft. Jello Biafra) by Ministry on Moral Hygiene (yo)
  • 12:40am War of Attrition by Enforcer on Hell Unleashed (Napalm)
  • 12:43am Lessons Of The Past by Grove Street Families on Lessons of The Past (yo )
  • 12:43am 1 by RIngworm ID on 2 (3)
  • 12:46am Mastic by Extinction A.D. on Single (Unique Leader Records)
  • 12:52am Divide & Conquer by Sacred Reich on Awakening (yo)
  • 12:55am Ringworm - Leviathon by Ringworm / Mindsnare on split (a389)
  • 12:55am Villainy, Wretched Villainy by Midnight on Let There Be Witchery (yo)
  • 1:01am T.L.C. (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION) by Turnstile on Glow On (Roadrunner)
  • 1:01am Hell Unleashed by Evile on Hell Unleashed (Napalm)
  • 1:01am Telepathic Nightmare by Midnight on Let There Be Witchery (yo)
  • 1:03am Social Schism by Vindicator on Communal Decay (yo)
  • 1:08am Thunder Over London by Gama Bomb on Thunder Over London (Prosthetic )
  • 1:12am We Created Putin by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine on Tea party Revenge Porn (Alternative Tent)
  • 1:17am 1992 by Extinction A.D. on Single (Unique Leader Records)
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