march madness

  • 1:13am BLOODY HAMMERS - Twilight Zone by Bloody Hammers on yo (yo)
  • 1:14am In The Deepest Black by Evil Invaders on Shattering Reflection (Napalm)
  • 1:19am cauldron id by Cauldron on ID (Station ID)
  • 1:24am Together as None by Cauldron on New Gods (yo)
  • 1:25am Twenties by Ghost on Impera (yo)
  • 1:32am We Created Putin by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine on Tea party Revenge Porn (Alternative Tentacles)
  • 1:36am Born To Sin by Fury on Born To Sin (yo)
  • 1:41am Life on Earth by Cro-Mags on 2020 (Arising Empire)
  • 1:46am The Fall by Dead Heat on World At War (yo)
  • 1:48am Losing Control by Void Vator on Great Fear Rising (yo)
  • 1:56am Thunder Over London by Gama Bomb on yo (yo)
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