Vocal Gods 9/30

  • 7:02am Chance by teddy rieck on singles (LOCAL )
  • 7:03am loss by teddy rieck on Singles (LOCAL )
  • 7:05am magic man by heart on dreamboat annie (capitol )
  • 7:12am Cloudbusting by Kate Bush on Hounds of Love (Noble & Brite Ltd)
  • 7:17am Bedroom Hymns by Florence and the Machine on Ceremonials (Universal Island Records)
  • 7:21am holy water by soundgarden on badmotorfinger (A&M)
  • 7:26am gonna lose by built to spill on when the wind forgets your name (HOTBOX built to spill )
  • 7:29am say hello to the angels by interpol on the black ep (HOTBOX matador )
  • 7:34am On The Bound by Fiona Apple on When The Pawn... (Sony Music)
  • 7:45am mojo pin by jeff buckley on grace (columbia )
  • 7:50am be quiet and drive (far away) by deftones on around the fur (maverick )
  • 7:50am all i wanted by paramore on brand new eyes (atlantic )
  • 7:55am Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin on Pearl (Legacy Edition) (Columbia)
  • 7:57am this is why by paramore on this is why (atlantic )
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