The Fourth Wall episode 2- Ghost

Today we will be talking about the Swedish rock band, Ghost, and the significance of ephemrality of performance with Julia Gagnon! 

  • 7:09am Dance Macabre by Ghost on Prequelle (2018 Ghost )
  • 7:22am Kaisarion by Ghost on IMPERA (2022 Ghost )
  • 7:26am Enough (To Get You Killed) by The Dead Century on The Well (The Dead Century (HOTBOX))
  • 7:30am Spillways by Ghost on IMPERA (2022 Ghost)
  • 7:46am Griftwood by Ghost on IMPERA (2022 Ghost )
  • 7:50am Halfway to the Grave by Wednesday 13 on Horrifier (Napalm Records Handels Gmb (HOTBOX)H)
  • 7:56am Mary on a Cross by Ghost on Seven Inches of Satanic Panic (2019 Loma Vista Records )
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