• 3:07am 6号室 by Lamp on ゆめ (Polystar)
  • 3:08am spleen by birthday dad on The Hermit (Refresh Records (HOTBOX))
  • 3:10am 1937 State Park by Car Seat Headrest on Teens of Denial (Matador Records)
  • 3:12am For Lovers by Lamp on For Lovers (Botanical House)
  • 3:13am broke by modest mouse on Building Nothing Out of Something (Glacial Pace)
  • 3:14am pretend by alex g on unreleased (Unreleased)
  • 3:17am small by sundots on room (sundots)
  • 3:24am better by sign crushes motorist on i'll be okay (sign crushes motorist)
  • 3:25am mythmaker by northfolk on unreleased (unreleased)
  • 3:27am mary by alex g on Trick (Lucky Number Music)
  • 3:29am Would It Be Ok by Unrecovery on There are 1,000 of me (Unrecovery)
  • 3:33am random rules by silver jews on american water (drag city inc)
  • 3:33am Chowder by HOMESHAKE on In the shower (Sinderlyn)
  • 3:34am Skiptracing by Mild High Club on Skiptracing (Stones Throw Records)
  • 3:34am sarah by Alex G on Trick (domino)
  • 3:50am royal blue skies by Panda Riot on Extra Cosmic (Panda Riot (HOTBOX))
  • 3:50am PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 3:51am PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 3:51am me and the birds by Duster on Contemporary Movement (Numero Group)
  • 3:52am The Breakup Suite by Duster on Contemporary Movement (Numero Group)
  • 3:53am wishuwerehere by dead sullivan on Reason (Dead Sullivan)
  • 3:57am Weird Honey by Elvis Depressedly on Holo Pleasures/ California Dreamin' (Run For Cover Records)
  • 3:57am no name no 5 by elliott smith on either/or (kill rock stars)
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