• 6:01am It's Gonna Be A Long Night by Ween on Quebec (Chocodog)
  • 6:06am Cryptic Shapes by Tobin Sprout on I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records (Anyway)
  • 6:11am Tall Ships by Swirlies on What To Do About Them (Taang! Records)
  • 6:14am VHS Dream by Deerhunter on Weird Era Cont. (kranky)
  • 6:17am Making Room by Duster on Together (Numero Group)
  • 6:25am Soon by my bloody valentine on Loveless (Sire Records Company)
  • 6:25am Half Time by black midi on Hellfire (Rough Trade Records Ltd (HOTBOX))
  • 6:30am So & So So & So From Wherever Wherever by Built to Spill on The Normal Years (K Records)
  • 6:32am The Biggest Lie by Elliott Smith on Elliott Smith (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 6:36am 100 by Dean Blunt on BLACK METAL (Rough Trade Records Ltd)
  • 6:45am Washer by Slint on Spiderland (Touch and Go Records)
  • 6:47am I Felt Your Shape by The Microphones on The Glow Part 2 (PW Elverum & Sun)
  • 6:52am Jennifer B by Jockstrap on I Love You Jennifer B (Rough Trade Records Ltd. (HOTBOX))
  • 6:56am Burnin' and Lootin' by The Wailers on Burnin' (Universal-Island Records Ltd.)
  • 6:57am Oh Messy Life by Cap'n Jazz on Analphebetapolothology (Jade Tree Records)
  • 6:59am Republic of Rough and Ready by Hella on Hold Your Horse Is (Kill Rock Stars)
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