The Persimmon Tree 11/7

  • 2:04am Savage Good Boy by Japanese Breakfast on Jubilee (Dead Oceans)
  • 2:05am Ou va le monde by La Femme on Mystere (disque pointu)
  • 2:05am Roi by Video Club on Roi (Disque Pointu)
  • 2:14am Senga by La Féline on Senga (Kwaidan)
  • 2:19am jm'en bas les couilles by angelus on jm'en bas les couilles (angelus)
  • 2:20am Tout oublier by Angele, Romeo Elvis on Brol (Angele VL Records)
  • 2:22am Balade bresilienne by Gael Faye, Flavia Coelho on Des fleurs (AllPoints)
  • 2:32am Trap 3 Little Pigs by Kyle Exum on The Exum House (Kyle Exum)
  • 2:33am NKOTB by Soprano on Chaseur d'etoiles (Rec. 118)
  • 2:34am Then It All Goes Away by Dayglow on HOTBOX (HOTBOX)
  • 2:36am Radio by Dayglow on HOTBOX (HOTBOX)
  • 2:38am j'aimerais danser by lunis on j'aimerais danser (Home)
  • 2:42am Atopos by Bjork, Kasimyn on Fossora (One Little Independent)
  • 2:48am flou by Angele on Brol La Suite (Angele VL Records)
  • 2:53am Mauvais presage by Requin Chagrin on Semaphore (KMS Disques)
  • 2:57am Je fais le mort by Juniore on Juniore (Independent)
  • 3:01am Posing In Bondage by Japanese Breakfast on Jubilee (Dead Oceans)
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