• 6:04am It's Gonna Be A Long Night by Ween on Quebec (Chocodog)
  • 6:07am Greenlander by Pavement on Slanted & Enchanted (Matador Records)
  • 6:12am Out of Site by Built to Spill on Perfect From Now On (Warner Records Inc.)
  • 6:16am Summer War by Duster on Duster (Numero Group)
  • 6:19am Punching Myself In The Face Repeatedly, Publicly by Sebadoh on Bakesale (Sub Pop Records)
  • 6:27am Kantina by Unwound on Fake Train (Numero Group)
  • 6:28am Jams Runs Free by Sonic Youth on Rather Ripped (Geffen Records)
  • 6:31am 100,000 (Unfinished) by Jai Paul on Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) (XL Records Ltd.)
  • 6:34am The Noise of Carpet by Stereolab on Emporer Tomato Ketchup (Duophonic)
  • 6:36am Half Time by black midi on Hellfire (Rough Trade Records Ltd. (HOTBOX))
  • 6:38am Home Is where the Hatred Is by Gil Scott-Heron on Pieces of a Man (Ace Records)
  • 6:42am Parable Lickers by Palm on Nicks and Grazes (Saddle Creek (HOTBOX))
  • 6:48am The Great Alligator by Ovlov on Am (Exploding In Sound Records)
  • 6:53am Sprout and the Bean by Joanna Newsom on The Milk-Eyed Mender (Drag City Records)
  • 6:58am Tommy Gun Angel by Bardo Pond on Lapsed (Matador Records)
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