• 11:03am Ascend and Try Again by Okay Kaya on Watch This Liquid Pour Itself (Jagjaguwar)
  • 11:04am Nostalgic Montage by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Nostalgic Montage (Brainfeeder)
  • 11:06am Morning Dew by Kelsey Lu on Morning Dew (No Tricks)
  • 11:11am Big Time by Angle Olsen on Big Time (Jagjaguwar)
  • 11:15am Go Long by Joanna Newsom on Have One On Me (Drag City)
  • 11:23am Lancaster Court by Jockstrap on I Love You Jennifer B (Rough Trade)
  • 11:24am All of My Love by Andy Shauf on Norm (HOTBOX)
  • 11:29am Love Letters To Plants by King Tuff on Smalltown Stardust (HOTBOX)
  • 11:31am Suzanne by Leonard Cohen on Songs Of Leonard Cohen (Columbia Records)
  • 11:34am Baby Where You Are by Ted Lucas on Ted Lucas (Yoga Records)
  • 11:37am clay pigeons by blaze foley on sittin by the road (na)
  • 11:40am Save My Soul by Sabine McCalla on Folk (Sabine McCalla)
  • 11:45am PSA by PSA on PSA (PSA)
  • 11:45am Peace and Happiness by Ted Hawkins on Watch Your Step (Rounder)
  • 11:47am FULL GROWN by Field Medic on Me, My Gibberish, & The Moon (Sunroom Recordz)
  • 11:49am I Exist I Exist I Exist by Flatsound on Scotland, I Wish You Had Stayed. (Flatsound and Many Hats Endeavors)
  • 11:51am Headless Horseman by The Microphones on The Glow, Pt. 2 ( K Records; P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd‎)
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