bin waking up early

  • 11:03pm CATS by Leah Dou on GSG MIXTAPE (2020 Grey Waters Ltd.)
  • 11:07pm Rainbow Six by JPEGMAFIA on Veteran (Peggy/Deathbomb Arc)
  • 11:13pm Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D'Angelo on Voodoo (Virgin Records America)
  • 11:14pm Waiting on Gregory by Leah Dou on STONE CAFE (2016 GREY WATERS LTD.)
  • 11:22pm lo siento by Princess Nokia on lo siento (Artista Records)
  • 11:27pm I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrisey Dies by JPEGMAFIA on Veteran (Peggy/Deathbomb Arc.)
  • 11:31pm Kerosene! by Yves Tumor on Heaven To A Tortured Mind (Warp Records )
  • 11:35pm Limited Time Luxury by Domsta on Reciprocation (For The Slab Recordings)
  • 11:36pm Workin' Out - A Colors Show by JID on Single (Dreamville/Interscope)
  • 11:39pm Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi by Radiohead on In Rainbows (LLLP )
  • 11:46pm LUV U ALIEN (FEAT.VICTOR MA) by Leah Dou, Victor Ma on GSG MIXTAPE (Grey Waters)
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