Dizzy's Diner

      The concept: We are not just hosting a radio show. The people who tune in get to come into our sonic diner, where we serve jams and good tunes for the people. As your hosts, we will present the other characters to you who are in this diner. Although you can only hear these people, you can't see them, we will paint their portraits using a jukebox in our diner which plays some compiled playlists. Some genres we're sampling from include alternative, hip hop, garage punk, industrial, math rock, new wave 80s, reggae, riot grrrl, and Motown. We offer a wide variety of Comfort Tunes because we want to cater to every palette. 

      On our Noise Navigation talkshow, we engage in philosophical banter aiming to help our customers gain insights in how to have SWAG and MOTION, how to Nurture yourselves and how you can contribute in helping out your fellow humans, cause at Dizzy's, you get your brains unfried. WSPN - We Serve Perfect Nachos.🖖

      9:00pm, 2-16-2022