If The Shoe Fits!

    • Thursdays, 12:00pm2:00pm

    Would you eat a turtle? Four fun-loving friends shootin' the breeze. Irreverent talk with the occasional theological lesson thrown in. We tell funny stories, crack jokes, bust chops, and don't take things too seriously.

    Join us every Firiday from 12-2 pm and laugh your tookus off!
    If The Shoe Fits!
    12:00pm, 9-28-2023
    12:00pm, 9-1-2023
    12:00pm, 8-25-2023
    12:00pm, 8-11-2023
    12:00pm, 7-28-2023
    12:00pm, 7-14-2023
    12:00pm, 6-23-2023
    12:00pm, 6-16-2023
    12:00pm, 6-9-2023