Random Chaos

    • Mondays, 8:00pm10:00pm

    The show emphasizes a mix of Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Rock from the 1960's to the present along with a mix of 1980's New Wave era Rock as well as some retro-'90's too...Everything from The Electric Prunes to The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Cure....as well as Pink Floyd to Tame Impala...

    Random Chaos
    9:00pm, 9-13-2021
    9:00pm, 8-30-2021
    9:00pm, 8-23-2021
    9:00pm, 8-16-2021
    9:00pm, 8-9-2021
    9:00pm, 8-2-2021
    8:00pm, 3-2-2020
    8:00pm, 2-24-2020
    8:00pm, 2-17-2020
    8:00pm, 2-10-2020