the fishbowl

  • Wednesdays, 11:00am12:00pm

welcome to the fishbowl! remember to hold your breath, and get ready to dive in!

every wednesday from 11am-12pm, we feed you delicious fish food which mainly consists of folk, indie, and singer-songwriter, but may contain traces of rock, electronic, pop, jazz, and funk.

every show has a new theme! i tease the next theme at the end of each show. feel free to dm me at @ghostbunk on instagram for song suggestions.

the fishbowl
11:00am, 4-17-2024
11:00am, 4-10-2024
11:00am, 4-3-2024
11:00am, 3-27-2024
11:00am, 3-20-2024
11:00am, 3-6-2024