This Mess We're In

      The Mess We’re In is a dissection of music from across the world into a weekly hour-long musical experience. What does The Mess We’re In entail? Instead of just playing songs from a specific genre , we will go on a journey through the samples and styles that formed these artists’ songs. Each show could end with the artist in focus or across the world in a different genre, such as Zambian Psychedelic rock to cosmic disco! Seem confusing? You are right, see you EVERY TUESDAY!!!

      This Mess We're In
      11:00pm, 11-28-2023
      11:00pm, 11-14-2023
      11:00pm, 10-24-2023
      11:00pm, 10-17-2023
      11:00pm, 10-3-2023
      11:00pm, 9-26-2023